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Preethaji’s Gift for mothers

Last week at the Happy Mama Expo, our CEO, Kirthika Parmeswaran had an opportunity to speak with Preethaji during the Mindfulness Moment session on the Power of Consciousness in Motherhood on how women should approach the vulnerability they encounter during motherhood. Preethaji is a renowned teacher, TEDx speaker, author of the Amazon Bestseller, Four Sacred Secrets and co-founder of O&O Academy.

The session began with Preethaji expressing that she was pleased to be with so many “Happy Mamas” as for her all mothers are sacred as they are the makers of the future! Read on for the key takeaway from that session, including Preethaji’s beautiful gift of guided meditation for all mothers.

Kirthika: Women have been to the moon, fought suffrage, slavery, war, brought medicines, nurture and hope and overall made huge strides in all spheres of life! Why then a warrior with such courage feels so vulnerable during pregnancy and motherhood?

Preethaji: Motherhood is a rebirth for every woman, a Divine experience if you are spiritually prepared for it. If not, it can be a rollercoaster, it can be confusing, it can terrifying and that is why it happens to be a space of great vulnerability. Changes are of two kind, changes we expect and changes that are unpredictable. Unpredictable changes actually demand steep growth, they don’t allow us to remain complacent. Even if a women prepares herself with say prenatal yoga, she can still feel vulnerable as motherhood is a realm of the unknown. There are immense changes happening in her body and also immense changes happening in her consciousness. With every trimester she is transformed into a new being. You can say that a pregnant women is a stranger to herself, her body experience is not the same that she has had all through her life. And after the fifth month, a great spiritual phenomenon unfolds. The mother and the baby in the womb, become twin hearts, their hearts connect. Thereafter the demarking line between what the child desires and what the mother desires is a blur. The child’s feelings become your own, the child’s desires become your own. You actually wake up one fine day desiring different kinds of foods and different experiences, because the barrier the child’s consciousness and your consciousness has thinned.

When you have your child in the womb beyond the fifth month, your brains also connect. Your child begins to feel the world through your feelings, your child begins to taste the food through your food, the entire process of evolution and birth is new. And it does make a women vulnerable. It is very natural and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it.

Mystic secret: Let me share a mystic secret with you. If you can move in a state of serenity and hold a spiritual vision of birthing a joyful, compassionate child then I would say, something incredible begins to happen. You must speak to your child, communicate your love with your child. If you do this, a soul connection emerges between you and your child in the womb. Then I can say that you will birth a baby who is healthy and joyful.

Kirthika: That was beautiful wisdom Preethaji, with great insights for all of us. What in your view is the one key thing a mother needs to cultivate during pregnancy and postpartum?

Preethaji: She has to find peace with herself, that becomes extremely important. You have to accept yourself in totality. First, a mother needs to be at peace with herself, her entire body, her appearance. Not to criticize on the shape, or the color of the hair or toenails. But to find peace. To be at ease with her whole body. To become kind and compassionate to her body as it is. The second would be to find peace and ease with her past, not going back to the painful experiences over and over again or regretting her choices and her life but to make peace with her past. Being able to be present more and more. Every women must find peace and ease with her present stature in life not be agitated, not to feel you are less than someone. If you can come to that space and wake up to the feeling that your life is beautiful as it is then I would say many blessings will flow into your life. This is something I would advise every mother.

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