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    The Fourth Trimester, the Postpartum period is pivotal in the motherhood journey. It is a phase filled with joy, relief, new beginnings, connection, change and vulnerability. A lot of what is going on is governed by the maternal instinct and the need to shower love, care and protect the newborn even as the mother learns to maneuver through this shift in her adult life. There is an real need to understand this fascinating transformation and become aware of the huge role maternal instinct plays.

    An intriguing book, Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct by science writer and mother of four, Abigail Tucker delves into this and provides insights on the underlying science behind this fundamental biological change that impacts the mind and bodies of mothers and the genetic changes at the cellular level behind becoming a parent, especially a mother.

    Learn more and hear her interview from Quirks & Quarks here.

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