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    Time of Giving: Show a Loved One You Care

    We all need a little extra support. Show a loved one that you care with a gift from Vital Start. 

    November and December are times of cheer, holidays, and giving. Vital Start is excited to provide a perfect gift for one of your pregnant or postpartum loved ones. You can e-gift someone the Embrace, Embody, or Empower coaching programs to someone who might need a little extra care.

    Our COURAGE empowers the patient with experiential practice and immersive learning through the entire maternity journey, from fertility to conception, to postpartum. The psychotherapist can utilize remote monitoring capabilities and real-time assessment to provide technology-enhanced psychotherapy to the patients driving better diagnoses and targeted treatment leading to greater effectiveness and outcomes. The psychotherapy can be provided face-to-face or through the internal/external telehealth feature for broader access and convenience. With three different options to pick from, gifting the COURAGE platform to a friend, family, or co-worker can be an excellent way to give someone the extra support they might need.

    Mothers often forget to help themselves during their maternity journey, so sometimes it is important to remind them of their mental health needs. By gifting them the Vital Start Health COURAGE platform, they are able to take time for themselves. Give a mother a reason to take time for themselves during the holiday season!

    If you are interested in purchasing a gift for a loved one, click here for the options available.  

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