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Taking a Perinatal Wellness Assessment will guide you in your maternity journey, whether you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or in your postpartum phase.

Studies show that close to a Million women suffer from mood and anxiety disorders during this stage of their life, though less than half get treatment.

Vital Start Health’s COURAGETM Platform uses AR/VR and AI to provide targeted mental health support and education across pregnancy and postpartum.

If you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant, have pregnancy complications, have had a perinatal loss or infant ICU experience in the past or present or simply need emotional support, you are at the right place

YOUR WELL-BEING is important to us. Getting the right support and help is crucial during maternity, know that you can get help whether it is from Vital Start or through other channels and resources. On completing the Assessment, you have the choice to email the results to your doctor for further support. You can also have Vital Start practitioners support you in your journey. 

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