The well-being of a mother positively impacts the development and psychological, social and emotional health of the child.  11-20% of new mothers have postpartum depression each year resulting in healthcare costs of approximately $6 Billion dollars annually.  Only 15% seek medical help. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  key factors include the costs of treatment (54.8%), stigmatization (26.3%) and lack of screening, engagement in care through medication and psychotherapy (18.9%).  This puts thousands of women and infants at risk as lack of treatment results in chronic depression, psychosis and even harming oneself and/or the baby.   This condition can be exacerbated by a substance abuse problem that results in babies being born to opioids and can drive the new mother to overdose/relapse during the postpartum period. Most of these mothers also need community support/social services. The costs to Government and healthcare are significant — $17 Billion annually.

To solve this complex issue,  Vital Start provides a Patient Informed Care Management healthcare platform & mobile app that comprises of:

  • Care plan management for disease management, screening, intervention activation and control
  • Patient informed interactive care for personalized goal setting, real-time feedback and incentives tracking for positive behavior outcomes
  • Virtual Psychological support using Augmented Reality (AR) for hands-free immersive therapy with anonymity, security and safety

Our solution embodies Evidence, Experience and Expertise to drive the Right Treatment to the Right Patient at the Right Time.

Vital Start Patient Centered Care Management Platform