Vital Start COURAGE is the first digital therapeutic for PMADS

(COntinUum based extended Reality Assisted coGnitive behavior therapy with Experiential practice)

The well-being of a mother positively impacts the development and psychological, social and emotional health of the child. It is an evidence-based platform providing early intervention through personalized, immersive, assisted psychotherapy, face-to-face/remote to improve maternal bonding and reduce stress/anxiety, a proven risk for depression.

Experiential Practice

Real-time Assessment

Immersive Learning

Remote Monitoring

Vital Start COURAGE empowers the patient with experiential practice and immersive learning. The psychotherapist can utilize remote monitoring capabilities and real-time assessment to provide technology enhanced psychotherapy to the patients driving better diagnoses and targeted treatment leading to greater effectiveness and outcomes.  The psychotherapy can be provided face-to-face or through the internal/external telehealth feature for broader access and convenience.

The economic burden for the mother-child pair is over $14 Billion.

$32,000   Average cost per mother-child pair

$19,520   Per mother cost

$12,480   Per child cost



Healthcare utilization Cost reduction


Effective treatment, Improved patient satisfaction and ratings


Drives adherence, Adjunct to pharmacotherapy


Targeted, effective, engaging, cost-effective, telehealth

We are seeking partnerships to make this vision a reality.