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    Empowering Moms
    to feel better, faster

    Empowering Moms to feel better, faster

    Maternity Psychotherapy

    Free Overview Session


    Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

    Personalized Psychotherapy Support

    Licensed Psychotherapist

    COURAGE Platform Subscription

    Virtual Reality enabled

    Add-on session options available.
    Choose start date per your needs & convenience.

    Being a Champion for Maternity in the Community

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    Vital Start COURAGE empowers the patient with experiential practice and immersive learning
    Program & Content
    Virtual Care Platform
    Practitioner Network
    Free VR headset with program sign-ups
    Experience the first VR enabled personalized platform for the well-being of Pregnant and Postpartum moms

    The psychotherapist can utilize remote monitoring capabilities and real-time assessment to provide technology enhanced psychotherapy to the patients driving better diagnoses and targeted treatment leading to greater effectiveness and outcomes.

    The psychotherapy can be provided face-to-face or through the internal/external telehealth feature for broader access and convenience.

    Membership includes subscription to the COURAGE Platform (3 months minimum), VR device and Live Licensed Perinatal Psychotherapist. Psychotherapist are independent third parties to Vital Start Health. All services based on availability and state of licensure of the Psychotherapist. Psychotherapist fees dependent on their fee structure and insurance use.

    Personalized Healthcare

    Customized for care journey. Skill development and practice


    Convenient, accessible care


    Trained Licensed Perinatal Psychotherapist, care coordinator and care protocols

    Vital Start Well-Being Profile TM

    Longitudinal data for personalized treatment

    High Quality Perinatal Care

    All stages, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, and postpartum

    If you are pregnant, trying to be pregnant, have pregnancy complications, have had a perinatal loss or infant ICU experience in the past or present or simply need emotional support, you are at the right place.

    You will be supported with a live Licensed Perinatal Psychotherapist and the innovative COURAGE platform for personalized care with experiential practice for a worry-free maternity journey.