#1 Complication in Pregnancy/postpartum is mood disorders stress, anxiety, depression.

$4.7 Billion

Productivity losses

$2.9 Billion

Maternal health expenditures

$3.3 Billion

Preterm births

$1.6 Billion

In child behavioral and development disorder costs

15. 50. 75

15% or 1 in 7 pregnant or postpartum women suffers from mental health disorders, less than 50% receive any treatment – psychotherapy and/or medication. Antidepressant use is high but so is the relapse at 75%.

Psychotherapists today cannot directly view how their patients cope with stressors.  There is a clear unmet need here, a need for early intervention, better method to make more precise diagnoses and the need for targeted therapy.

Our platform COURAGE addresses this with evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using Virtual Reality.

If you are a mother who would like to participate in testing our platform

Experiential Practice

VR Exposures,
Maternal Bonding,
Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Real-time Assessment

Psychotherapist controlled,
Early Intervention,
Enhanced with AI

Immersive Education

Personalized content,
Alleviates complex care journeys

Remote Monitoring

Well-being Monitoring,
Targeted treatment across the care continuum

We are actively fundraising and conducting clinical studies for making this vision a reality.