Our vision is to be –the– virtual medicine company for optimal mental health. Beyond maternal mental health, we will focus on other acute and chronic conditions including oncology mental health.

Core Principles


Science backed, Safety, Privacy, Security HIPAA,HITRUST


Targeted, engaging, patient-centered treatment


Smart, innovative, AI enabled, addressing current barriers

Key Awards & Accomplishments

Passion to Succeed

Our Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kirthika Parmeswaran

“Close to a million women each year suffer from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including postpartum depression but less than half get any treatment at all. I know because I was one of them.  I am passionate about this issue and want to address this through Vital Start” 

Founder & Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. John Chuo

“I have been a doctor for 25 years and a neonatologist for the last 15 years. I have seen firsthand how the wellbeing of the parents can impact the outcomes of the child. I am interested in addressing this and I think we have a great product to do this at Vital Start

Advisory Board

Research & Development

Ziya Xu, B.S.E Computer Science, B.A Cognitive Science
Evan Si, B.S.E Digital Media Design

Aathira Jayamohan,B.Sc Computer Science
Dr. Vaishali Inamdar, Biomedical Sciences, Platelet Physiology

We are actively fundraising and conducting clinical studies for making this vision a reality.