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Becoming pregnant is a different journey for everyone and some experience more obstacles than others. If you are trying to get pregnant, partnering with a coach will help you build the skills to manage your stress now and into the future. Your coach is your personal trainer for maternal wellbeing, an educator and guide to help you upgrade your personal wellbeing toolkit. If you have experienced a previous loss, are experiencing worry or simply need support, the COURAGE Program is here to walk you through it. Our COURAGE Platform offers assessments, tools and community support, our VR technology support will help to articulate psychoeducation to develop deeper understanding and acceptance, and your personal coach will help guide you through each step.

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YOUR WELL-BEING is important to us. Begin with coaching or using our self-guided resources. Our coaches will let you know how they can support you and if you will need to complement it with Psychotherapy. If needed, our coaches will escalate you for psychotherapy with VR with a Licensed Mental Health Psychotherapist providing the COURAGE platform as part of their service. Note, a licensed Psychotherapist can only work with patients in the states they have licensure. Regulations and compliance measures apply.

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